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Six Stars
Advertising agency in Novosibirsk

About us in English
Оver 15 years of experience in the advertising market, our company has accumulated production experience required in the advertising of those industries that we currently represent successfully:
Development of advertising design in Novosibirsk, the manufacturing-led signs, light boxes and dimensional letters for interior and street.
Large format printing in Novosibirsk, banners, photo paper, plastics, canvases, tapes and interior finishing materials: Wallpaper, ceiling vinyl, glass, ceramics, wood, metal.
Manufacturer of a wide range of printed products in Novosibirsk. Printing of business cards , leaflets, flyers, posters, booklets, brochures, scratch cards. The manufacture of packaging paper of different density.
Advertising production in Novosibirsk : branding business gifts printing on the bar glass, package printing, branding tableware for HoReCa.
Manufacture,rental and installation of press follow, photo zones in Novosibirsk for various events: national holidays, weddings, sleeves thicken competitions, corporate events, seminars, presentations, days of graduates, recent calls and big parties! Reviews about us read on plane!
Organization of special events in Novosibirsk (as a separate direction of our company ): services field service Bartenders, Hostesses and DJs! Providing for rental of presentation, light, sound and advertising equipment and furniture and the red carpet!
Our advantages:
► Flexible terms of payment
► Execution of urgent orders
► Work on weekends
► Services for the production the Assembly of promotional mobile stands, signage, displays, advanced technologies: light boxes, LED screens, slim light panels in Novosibirsk!
► Delivery and installation.
► Advising on the selection of optimal materials for the production of promotional products.

Provide services of digital printing in Novosibirsk on all kinds of materials
Banner, paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, wood, metals, ceramics, plastic ware, textile products.

Phone for inquiries in Novosibirsk:
+007(383) 381-27-07 (phone number for calling outside of Russian Federation)
+7(913) 934-06-92 (domestic cell operator MTS)
+7(953) 768-98-78 (TELE2 operator)
Our Email: 
Our Adress:
Russian Federation, City Novosibirsk, Deputarskaya str. 46

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